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Writer's Block: Lucas for a day

If you could write the next Star Wars movie, what story would you tell? It could be anything: a sequel, prequel, or anything in-between. Describe your adventure in 300 words or less. Our favorite story will receive a Star Wars saga Blu-ray gift pack! [Contest Details]

It would be the story between episode 3 and 4. How Vader and the Emperor got the empire rolling, Obi Wan in Hiding and watching Luke Grow Up. Watching Leia grow up. Han's back story and Boba getting into bounty hunting. Also seeing what Mace Windu & Yoda have done and other things like some new characters.
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My dad took me to a Memorial Service at the Riverside National Cemetery, It was great! My dad took some pictures. I saw about 5 WWII Veterans and I wanted to talk to them and shake their hand, but we left early to beat traffic :(
We went across the street to a Aircraft Hanger Museum and it was really interesting to see. Took some pictures of the aircrafts there! ALSO, in the gift shop they had patches!! I found this and my dad let me get it!!

Now I just need a jacket to put it on!
I’ll have video and pictures coming up soon from today
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I was suppose to post this friday... forgot

Monday I had a dentist appointment to have the doctor look at my jaw problem. Wasn't TMJ, it was an infection in the gum around my wisdom tooth on my left! I was then put of Antibacterial and Ibuprofen pills so I can open my jaw for Thursday when they will pull out my wisdom teeth! OMG those pills were wonderful! I could open my jaw like a normal person! Then thursday came...

Thursday, I got my wisdom teeth pulled! Ouch, yeah, it hurt! So the Doctor injected my mouth like more than 20 times!! Before we started he injected my whole mouth! My eyelids were even numb and it felt weird to blink! Before he pulled out my teeth he injected my mouth 3 times with each tooth before he pulled them, just to be sure I didn't have pain! It's a very weird feeling having my teeth pulled! I will admit that I cried a lot!!! More about the pain of my jaw than the pain of the teeth being pulled! When he was pulling my bottom teeth the dental assistant had to hold my jaw cause I told them I felt like it was going to snap off. There was pressure and a little bit of pain, wasn't that bad, but I definitely white knuckling my chair as I sat there. I had to have stitches on my bottom half of my jaw, wasn't terrible! Didn't even feel it because I was already SOOO numb! I was so numb that when they told me to close my mouth on the suction tube thingy I couldn't even tell if my mouth was closed. I felt like my jaw was doing some kind of bulldog type thing!

After it was all done, I took a huge breath and said 'OH MY!' My dentist laughed patted me on the shoulder and said 'you did a good job McKenzie! Very good!' THEN I WENT HOME YEAH! Hours later my mouth was in so much pain! The numbness wore off! They put gauze in my mouth and gave me instructions! Told me to take my meds and to have ice cream and soft food like Mashed Potatoes! I get to have Mac and Cheese because I don't even chew it, Never have! I can't wait to have solid food again! I can have them Sunday/Monday! I am going to have a sandwich!!

Also today, I came down with some sickness! I was working all week and after I got my teeth pulled I just kinda let go and relaxed and every time I do that after something huge/stressful I always get sick! Hopefully this won't last long! I should be well by Sunday/Monday!


It's sunday, still can't eat until like wednesday :/ Still sick and my stitches are bugging me still. It's starting to get on my nerves, I can't wait to have them removed!!

I shouldn't be sneezing or coughing cause that can give me dry socket, BLEH! Hopefully that doesn't happen!!
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Already starting off poorly

I haven't even started my scrapbook.
I haven't done what I want to on photoshop
My OCD gets in the way sometimes and it want everything to be organized from the start
...it's annoying

I just went through all my memberships to communities and left ones that are inactive or I know I won't contribute to

I'm going to do a refresh on my LJ, with my icons, watches, friends, layout, entries
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To the other side of town!! Yeah on the 23rd! Yeah that means no christmas or internet for a while :( I've been packing and stuff and we've had a crazy month so busy and I haven't had time to do ANY 20in20's especially for the secret santa stuff, I'm gonna get in trouble for that I bet :/ Doing Lemonpunch ones right now soooo yeah!!

right now we’re in a 4 bedroom, two story house that were renting. We found a one story 3 bedroom with and AMAZING kitchen and two, TWO sunrooms! :D I’m going to do a video and show you guys the switch we made! By doing this switch were saving around $600 a month!!! Crazy Right? And were on the other side of town closer to my parents work and my favorite restaurant! and we save 5 minutes on the way to Disneyland!!!

This is a win, win for everyone!! well, except that christmas is going to be postponed :/ not happy about that but whatever!
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